Thursday, November 3, 2016

Man's Place in Nature

Man’s Place in Nature

At this moment in time Man has become “top dog” in his relationship with the earth and the earth’s visible creatures.  In doing so, we have appropriated for ourselves a very large part of the Earth’s surface and harvested most of its stored energy reserves.  Our numbers have increased to the point where it seems every new human pound of flesh removes a pound of flesh from the remaining other creatures. Our dominance increases exponentially, so that within a few more generations we shall be able to link arms, stand together and sing “We are the World”.


 Our motivation for this collective effort has been and remains our mortal need for a full belly, a warm bed, and a grand view of the mountains and sea from our windows.  With this as our flag and our motto we have almost conquered the world. 
Yet from our mountain top view we can look down and back and see the results of our effort.  We see untold numbers of our own kind who have been ground under in our march to the top.  That seems to be because, in the chaos of our march, their motivations came into conflict with ours.  Or perhaps more cogently, "they got in our way".  More logically, their motivations and resources were weaker than ours.
In the gaps opened by these rents in our human fabric we can see a trampled planet, the holes of mining with their seeping poisons, and the gullies and swamps of erosion.  We cannot see, but do feel the stinging release of radioactivity from rocks that were formerly buried and diffused, now concentrated and scattered over the surface of the planet.  Even the sky we notice is now fogged with the exhale of our march to dominance.  Our full belly turns sour with the acid of our situation.


 McCarrison had two groups of rats.  The rats fed the Hunza diet had small healthy litters and formed loving families, the rats fed the Hindu diet had large litters and soon, their cages filled up with snarling and combative rats who ate their young.  We humans are running out of Hunza food.  We are victors without spoils and shocked that so many of us are demanding their fair share. 

With a deep breath we take in the realization that many individuals among the teeming masses of our own kind have declined in every sense.  The damage wrought by our civilization encompasses our own health and level of being.  Cancers, we know, come from the mining, the burning and the chemists.  Our very minds are being distorted by radio waves, exciting pornography, good movies and bad parenting.  Meanwhile, television shows us murders and wars that seem to be increasing in a frightening fashion.  Too many have been wrongly parented, wrongly educated, and wrongly fed.  Video games have trained many in killing, and world armies employ them as soldiers or mercenaries.  How does one coming from that milieu evolve into Buddha?
All this has occurred because we have identified with our bodies and separated ourselves from Nature.  If we had established a connection with our higher nature we would have encountered a “Conscience” which would have prevented all this.

I could not write about this if I had not, in a small way, begun to seek my own place in Nature.  For seven years I’ve approached this on 1.16 acres near a small city in Oklahoma.  I’ve been paying $27 each year to the state for a nursery license and so have named the 1.16 acres Plants Alive.  


Here I’ve planted gardens, trees and shrubs, berries and grapes. I’ve let half the land go without mowing for three years but not entirely back to nature because I destroy undesirable growth like the thorny non-native thorny pears.  I’ve planted pecan, pine, plum, and slippery elm on that half and have weeded out many redbud trees. [Because the beautiful mother redbud wants the whole field for her progeny. (Rather like us.)}


I’ve brought in hundreds of plant species.  Two cultivars of amaranth scatter so many seeds that they come up everywhere and can blanket the good spots in my cultivated ground with their fecund sprouting.  In that capacity they join the lambsquarters which I eat and eventually try to control with the machete.  Henbit, chickweed, bedstraw and tiny little maple trees in my tended beds are just as greedy as the plants in the field.  Medicinal perennials like tansy, comfrey, stinging nettle, and American elder send our powerful underground runners and they too want more than their share.  Trying to grow vegetables amidst this and a surrounding sea of Bermuda and Johnson grass is a hard battle with hands and hoes and most modern gardeners get better yield than I do.  Better yield for themselves that is; I get better yield for Great Nature and grab some for myself.

The acre we bought with two green maples, a declining redbud tree and “so so” grass is now a clammering  verdure of more species than I can count. Thick everywhere, and growing in one season to 8’ tall.  There are more flowers on my acre than there are on the surrounding 50 put together.  Here Nature feeds a lot of insects and the birds and amphibians which eat them.  Larger animals, moles, possums, raccoons, and rats patrol and feed here at night.  A huge rat snake helps to keep the vermin away but has also enjoyed some of my fresh eggs.  Some of the hens that laid those eggs were enjoyed by a bobcat that visited after the snake.  Pests?  I can live with the insect problems except for the ones that jump on my dog and then on to me.  I pick off the ticks with my fingernails and put plaintain on my flea bites. There are few insect outbreaks in my garden; no Japanese beetle or caterpillar disasters like my neighbors have had, because I build my soil and work for nature as well as myself. 
There is tremendous flux going on at Plants Alive.  Great Nature is seeking a balance.   She has been so hurt that she no longer cares about including Man in that balance.  Many plants thrive and then flare out.  Overall tree species seem to be the top contender for space and energy, but in the three dimensional space of light, many species are positioning themselves to survive in a thick forest.  That’s to be expected in the Ozark foothills.  In the midst of this flux the 1.16 acres is full of remarkable beauty and tremendous solar receptivity.  The flow of life energy in this one small plot has quickened and it includes me.
Great Nature also works harder than I can.  I am just one man, 70 years old   I will not succeed in finding my proper place in nature.  I still have to use fossil fuels just to remain here.  Before long I will be gone.  Eventually most of my plantings will die out, the greenhouse will rot and collapse, and the house will be abandoned.  Without city water, nature does not favor man’s using Plants Alive as a place to dwell.  My years of effort to find my place in nature will have become like a seed sprouting and then quickly withering.   But something has come of my effort.  There is a response to the terror of the situation. 
Great Nature has defined a pathway leading to our place in the world.  The first step is that we must feed ourselves, literally.  We should work in groups, but the food we consume should be from where we live, and in its season.  This can be started now before the collapse.  It will be harder to do it afterwards.
It must be done based on principles of respect toward nature.  The use of plastics, petroleum fuel, and manufactured products must end quickly.  This action will provide an immediate healing and regeneration of the Earth wherever and to the extent that it is practiced.  Growing our own food will now require that human beings care for the earth in an intimate way.  Composting, planting and erosion control will replace industrial agriculture. 


We are going to have to ponder how we can relate to the one and two brained creatures who share our space.  Foxes will eat our chickens.  Snakes will lurk.  Grasshoppers will want our corn.  We will wish to train our dogs, horses and oxen so that our burden is lessened, but we will have to treat them as brothers.  They, too will have to be well fed and their manure along with ours must be treated consciously so that the life or the soil is also supported. 
The changeover begins with many levels of self denial.  For now all our tools are from the unacceptable former way of life.  Without purchasing new, we must use what we have and then find and reuse what the former world has discarded.  Plastic tools are the worst, offering only a brief period of use, but a lifetime of toxic pollution.  We will find it hard to do away with plastics because without them we there are no hoses or irrigation pipe.  Soon all greenhouses will have to be made from used window glass. 
That’s as nothing compared to the loss of fuel.  It turned out that the planet Earth needed her petroleum.  She still has half of it left and most of that she will keep because our “industrial know how” hasn’t found an acceptable way beyond sucking from shallow underground pools through steel straws.  The hideous fracking and tar sand mining both use more energy then they return and the “Dakota” people are about to stop it in its tracks.
Our rural communities could form “Watershed Associations”.  These organizations will be local communities where all interior fences have been removed.  At first these associations may have to retain perimeter fencing as a defense against the former world.  The size of the association will vary and change, but could be the distance a man could walk in a day.  Around here they would need to be many hundreds or even thousands of acres.  The removed fencing would be reused to protect gardens, orchards, corrals and dwellings.  This will allow a return to a proper form of grazing.  Many family members and friends will be arriving from the cities.  Some of them must become herders, living with and managing livestock, perhaps corralling them at night.  The Earth will be properly manured in harmony with Nature’s law of reciprocity.  Properly bedded animals will yield a wealth of compost which will allow an extra gear of productivity from Nature’s bounty.  The rest of us can be healthfully occupied building check dams, ponds, developing springs, gardening, harvesting firewood, and replanting trees.  There will also be milking, cheese making, and animal slaughter.  Did I forget cooking and cleaning?  This is all lawful work, we do it to find our Rightful place in Nature.  From that place we can begin to repay our debt to the Creator.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Thoughts on the Pulse of Life

A few months ago I ran across a Facebook feed entitled “Schumann Frequency Resonance of the Earth has doubled.  Is Earth ascending?”  I was curious.  Now after printing 60 internet pages for closer study, consulting encyclopedia and dictionary, pondering for hours, and finding a web of connection with my own memory I am writing this article.  I hope you find it interesting and I invite responses of greater knowledge from you.

What is the Schumann Resonance?  The Earth’s surface has both a negative charge and a pulse.  Fifty miles above the surface, the atmosphere has a layer with a positive charge, the ionosphere.  The difference in charges builds an “electrical potential” which is relieved by lightning strikes.  The lower atmosphere where we live and breathe is a non-conductive space between these two poles and becomes, in terms of physics, a giant capacitor.  Lightning strikes generate waves in the atmosphere which we hear as thunder, sound waves with a frequency of about 30Hz.  These waves are soon attenuated (dissipated) in the non-conductive air, but the more or less continuous strikes of lightning generate an underlying wave of very low frequency, below our threshold of hearing, now measured at 7.83Hz, and called the Schumann Resonance.

We know that this property was described by Nikola Tesla, but since Tesla’s research was stolen and hidden by some secret branch of government, common knowledge of the wave was delayed fifty years until German physicist W.O. Schumann found it again in 1952.  Visualize a very slow moving wave of great amplitude (height and depth) with a frequency exactly equal to the circumference of the Earth, 40,000 km.  It can be disturbed, but each new beat of the wave lies exactly upon the previous one.  For this reason it is the only wave which can be continuous within our giant capacitor.  It is, in fact the pulse of the Earth.

While the Schumann Resonance has one pure frequency, it does not exactly remain at that frequency.  Lightning strikes have daily variance with peaks coming during afternoon thundershowers over the continents, causing the Schumann Resonance to cycle within a range of values.  Solar storms buffet the Ionosphere creating turbulence which alters the shape of the condenser.  Even geo-magnetic influences from the moon and planets exert an effect on the ionosphere.  One solar storm was observed to kill the wave entirely, which then slowly rebounded to its regular frequency.  Regardless of any distortion, as long as the ionosphere remains in place, the Schumann Resonance frequency cannot change.  It always seeks its unique frequency, always regenerated by new lightning and the electrical potential of our condenser.

There are in addition other waves which are harmonic with the Schumann Resonance.  Harmonic means that these waves have frequencies which are integer multiples with the Schumann Resonance.  Together they form a series of 7.83 Hz, 14 Hz, 20 Hz, 26 Hz, 33 Hz, 39 Hz, and 45 Hz.  They suggest an octave, and seem to exemplify the mysterious often revered Law of Seven.

Not long after the entry of this wave into scientific knowledge, a physician, Dr. Ankenmueller, made a connection between the Schumann resonance and the alpha rhythm of brain waves.  Schumann’s protégé’ Herbert Konig demonstrated this and found that the Schumann Resonance has a wavelength nearly identical to the wavelength of mammalian electrical signals as well as to our alpha state.

Human brain waves remain a partial mystery to scientists but they have been grouped into named ranges which correlate with different levels of activity within our bodies.  
Delta waves (0-4 Hz) are associated with deepest sleep, deepest meditation, the release of growth hormones, and self healing.  In this range there is a peaceful suspension of external existence.
Theta waves (4-7 Hz) are associated with regular sleep and profound meditation.  It is a state of body asleep/mind awake, one of creativity, learning, awakening intuition, or even extrasensory perception.
Alpha waves (7-13 Hz) are present during dreams and deep relaxation with eyes closed.  In this range brain waves cycle globally over the whole cortex.  We can intentionally generate waves in this range and when we do, we feel better, in tune, synchronized with our environment.
Beta waves (14—25 Hz) dominate during our regular waking state.  They are present when we are alert, making decisions, or even anxious. 
Gamma waves (25-60 Hz) involve multiple areas of the brain, processing information and pulling input into focus.  Nobel winner Sir Francis Crichton and other scientists believe that a wave of 40 Hz may be key to the act of cognition.

The correlation between the Schumann Resonance and brain waves cannot be characterized as exact, but there is a mechanism which could account for a direct relationship.  Within the vesicles of our brain, the heart and other signal generating organs in our body are liquid crystals designed to receive as well as send those signals.  Many of those crystals are found in the pineal gland.  Also at the point when the brain pulses at 7.8 Hz the thalamus gland goes silent.   In Fourth Way teachings the thalamus gland is known as the “formatory apparatus” or the switchboard for the personality.

Pursuing a connection between brain and Schumann Resonance, R. Wever from the Max Planck Behavioral Physiology devised an experiment sealing volunteers from the resonance for a month.  He noted that they suffered from emotional distress, migraine headaches, and diversion from their circadian rhythms.  These symptoms disappeared after the students were re-exposed to 7.8 Hz.  Additionally the first astronauts and cosmonauts orbiting above the Ion layer had the same complaints.  This problem has now been resolved by putting a device which generates the Schumann wavelength within their space vehicles.

The process of synchronization of the brain with outside signals is called entrainment and is commonly observed in many aspects of life.  Dr. Robert Beck spent ten years measuring the brain waves of many healers.  He cites psychics, shamans, dowsers, Christian healers, Kahunas, ESP readers, Santeria, Wiccas and others, finding that during the healing act they all separately exhibited brain waves of 7.8 Hz.  I have no doubt that humans in close and communicative contact do entrain their minds.

Another Schumann researcher, Wolfgang Ludwig,  encountered an ancient Chinese teaching asserting that Man needed two environmental signals called the Yang (from above) and the Yin (from below).  The Yang signal being masculine, creative and strong, the Yin feminine, receptive and weak.  The Earth does have an electro-magnetic signal which from what I gathered, is not part of the Schumann Resonance.  Tesla measured this frequency at 10.5 Hz, but it is known to be much weaker than the Schumann resonance.  The ancient Chinese philosophy does appear to be supported by western physics.

Study of the effect of the Earth’s separate pulse, the Yin,  has generated a new concept of health care called “Earthing” or grounding.  In earlier times humans lived their lives in direct contact with the Earth’s surface, at first barefoot and then walking directly on the land in leather soled shoes.  Our modern composite shoe soles break this grounding.  In Alaska a wild life filmmaker followed a lead and began sleeping on the ground.  Later a pad was developed which was connected with home grounding and slept upon.  Dozens of these were given to local residents who suffered from debilitating arthritis or rheumatism.  One volunteer was in a wheel chair.  All of the participants saw improvement, some cited as miraculous and the paralyzed individual was able to walk again after years in the wheel chair.  Many people now have purchased and used these grounding pads. 

Returning to the question of the Schumann Resonance, has it doubled?  That would seem to be impossible given the present circumference of the Earth and the constant presence of the ionosphere.  Any change in what is being measured must be a result of distortions in the Schumann Resonating tone.  The best known causes of interference began with the navy using the frequency to communicate with submarines but now include cell phone technology, micro-waves and the sinister government HAARP program.  HAARP generates powerful beams which are aimed at the ionosphere.  The ion layer then becomes greatly excited and operators can cause it to swirl in the direction they command.  It is claimed that rents are torn in the fabric of the ionosphere. 

Global warming is said by some investigators to cause more lightening, but it isn’t clear that this would change the frequency of the underlying tone.  In addition some measurements of atmospheric temperature within “the capacitor” are not showing any global warming.  Of course all of these influences have been strong since the mid 1990’s, the “doubling” of the resonance as reported has happened just within the past year.  Nor can any change be attributed to factors within our solar system.  However, interference with the Schumann resonance forced Dr. Ludwig to measure it far out in the ocean where competing signals still do not overwhelm it.

Some time before I had heard of the Schumann Resonance, there had been articles, also on Facebook, which claimed that our solar system was moving into a part of the galaxy where it would experience intense energy bombardment. The authors described this event as a sign that there would be an evolutionary jump for humans and the Earth itself.  In the meantime we should expect all sorts of physical and emotional upsets perhaps even the insanity of humans who are not interested in any spiritual evolution.

As I am a believer in Aliens I occassionally visit another site claiming that aliens working in outer space were going to help us through this difficult time by deploying devices which would absorb enough of this energy to protect humanity.  The website “Divinecosmos” features Corey Goode who states that for many years he has been in psychic communication with these beings and is now a kind of interpreter for them.  Goode states that he has been on several flights to the alien base on the far side of the moon accompanied by all sorts of important men representing world leadership. Frankly if this is true it doesn’t mean that the aliens have our welfare in mind, David Icke, for one, warns that alien hybrids connected with the purebreds on the moon are the very ruling elite that bring us wars, mining, industrial pollution, radiation and chemtrails.  A friend of mine had the thought that chemtrails were making the atmosphere more suitable for this breed of aliens.

Regardless of the truth or not of alien involvement, the subject of intensifying galactic energy took a new turn when a friend told me I should speak to his wife about it.  She is a physician with an interest in the science of the heavens and involved with other professionals in a funded scientific study group in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Her response to me was that she was very concerned, and that the thing about a bombardment of galactic energy was a scientific fact!

In 1950 a massive book, “Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson” written by Georges Gurdjieff, was posthumously published.  It is called by literary scholar Martin-Seymour-Smith one of the 100 most influential books ever written in his book, “the History of Thought from ancient Times to Today”.  I parse from the guide and index to Beelzebub’s Tales:
“I will explain the cosmic law Solioonensius; all the three brained beings, on whatever planet they may arise, and whatever exterior coating they may receive, always await this law with impatience and joy because thanks to it, the need for evolving in the sense of acquiring Objective-Reason by them increases in them by itself…the causes which bring forth this action flow from the periodic tension of the sun.  The tension of the planets also act on …all beings…engendering…the feeling of religiousness…the desire and striving for…speedier self-perfecting.  It is interesting that your favorites (us here on Earth) accept it as a symptom of one of their numerous diseases and…for example they call this feeling nerves.  When there begin to predominate the evil-inner-God…named there self-calming, then…under the influence of the action of Solioonensius instead of the desire for speedier self-perfection  something begins to arise…the need of freedom…which chiefly serves grievous processes…similar to…Bolshevism.”

So what is this “Solioonensius”?  I found that out on my next and final day of research.  The energy field described by my scientific doctor is real.  It was found by long ranging space probes and is called the Photon Belt.  This belt is a donut shaped swirl which originates from the star Sirius.  Our solar system is said to rotate around the star Alcyone, in the Pleides and the two of them rotate around the star Sirius and all of this rotates around the galactic center.*  The first rotation takes about 24,000 years the second about 25 million.  The photon belt intersects and envelops our solar system so that we exist in 10,000 years of regular space followed by 2,000 in the photon belt.  There are two passages in each of our orbits.  The time of the revolution is said to coincide with the Mayan Calendar. The Mayans must have defined a beginning point in the orbit and per their calendar the Age of Aquarius begins with this entry into the photon belt.  It remains a fact of simple physics that only the Schumann Resonance can be continuous within our "capacitor".  So does the "subtle" energy of the Photon Belt involve a different octave not defined by our physics?

It would be interesting to listen in on the conferees of members of the global elite and their military experts as  they discuss what is happening in the heavens.  However, the gap of their silence is filled up with the commentaries of persons of a spiritual bent and channelers.  From “a huge amount of subtle energy … spiritual energies…which come from the galactic center.  The photon belt is a field of very high vibrational frequency which enhances the spiritual condition of our Earth when we enter it.  If we’re spiritual evolved at that time, our spiritual evolution will be magnified many fold.  And if our spiritual growth is negative we go into a very fast downward spiral. As it happened during our last entry nearly 11,000 years ago, when the great civilization Atlantis was destroyed.”
Neil Hundley, Ph.D writes that the photon belt has many bands and that the primary effects might last just 30 or 40 years.  He believes that Mother Earth will use these energies to repair herself and mentions that she will protect her oil, harden her crust, but also that she will shift relatively harmlessly, drawing benevolent races into protected areas.  The Earth itself, he writes, has requested a gradual repair to minimize the suffering of mankind.  Further he states that there will be a rebirthing of the Earth and that it will divide into a 3rd density and a 4th density.  On the 3rd density planet some of mankind will endure the changes, others will evolve and exist on the 4th density Earth.  This if true could be the Christian "rapture. A key statement in my readings was that this evolution is achieved through “Self Awareness”.  In the Buddhist tradition self awareness is called mindfulness and in the 4th Way, self awareness engenders “presence”, a step on the path to Objective Consciousness.
All of this seems fantastic and far outside our comfort zone.  Are we able to greet this energy bombardment with joy?  Irrespective of which parts of my account are believable to you, madness in weather, geology, and psyche seem to be upon us. 

*there seems to be some dispute among my sources as to which star our solar system revolves around.  One source stated that we are just now completing multiple revolutions and are receiving energies from the galactic center.

I am going to publish this blog without attribution at this time, but can include the website sources for this material if it seems needed.  The blog is a recounting which includes enough direct quotes or paraphrasing to qualify as pIagerism.  I lack the direct knowledge required to offer it in a more scientific or intellectually sound manner.